Extract Broken Backup Catalog

Easily Extract BKF Files using MS BKF Recovery Tool

NTBackup is an in-built backup utility available for Windows users. Files saved in NTBackup are stored in the BKF file format. Corruption of BKF files can have serious implications such as loss of crucial data. Users often safeguard important data on their computer by regularly taking backups of their work. However, due to some circumstances, these backup files also get corrupted.Before the user will react to the situation and try to understand what has happened, he would lose all his vital data. These causes of data corruption are spontaneous, unpredictable, unthinkable and irreversible. To avoid data damage disasters, user must store the copy of all the crucial files. Tool to Extract Backup:When BKF backup files get corrupted, then you require a third-party tool which will help you to extract broken backup catalog data. Such kind of third party tool is available in our Organization by the name of BKF Repair software.


How to Extract Broken Backup File ?

For broken BKF file extract process you need to follow three simple steps:

Step 1: Open BKF Repair

  • Click Start > Programs > BKF Repair
  • In the displayed screen, click the "LOAD" button on the toolbar.

The software quickly extracts data from the corrupt BKF file and loads the recovered content on the screen in a tree-hierarchy.

Step 2: Preview Files

  • To see a preview of a recovered file, right-click on the selected files in the tree-structure and choose "Preview". The preview is displayed in the Preview window at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can also use the Search option on the top of the screen to search for a particular file.

Step 3: Extract and Save Files

To extract any particular file:

  • Select the file in the tree-structure and click the Extract button in the toolbar.
  • Specify the location for saving the file and click OK.

To extract a folder with all its content:

  • Select the parent folder on the tree-structure and click the Extract button on the toolbar.
  • Specify the location for saving the file and click OK.

By following these simple steps, you can comfortably extract BKF catalog files from corrupt backup folders